Saturday, December 30, 2006

Revisiting the Artist's Way

More pictures I should have posted awhile ago.

Here are some of my favourite Quilted Diamonds, trimmed and untrimmed.

Below is a picture of ladies working during our Quilters Dream Cruise.  I had the best time teaching Dear Jane to our cruising group, and it was wonderful to visit the beautiful islands of Bahamas, St. Thomas and St. Maartan. I can't wait to teach again on the cruise to Belize, Panama and Costa Rica this March. This time, it's Crazy Quilting. I've made a great little notions holder that participants will easily be able to complete during the cruise. Well, at least the crazy quilting ...
I don't want anyone missing beach time!

Here are the ladies working on their Dear Jane blocks during the cruise. The best part of hand piecing is you don't have to lug a big sewing machine on a cruise - you just bring your little sewing kit and fabric, and off you go!

So much for getting my studio in order. I've ploughed through lots of papers, magazines and books, and have thrown away quite a bit. Still lots to do, though.

I got a copy of the Vein of Gold at Chapters for a ridiculously low price, and am rereading it now for some inspiration. I'd worked through The Artist's Way three years ago; a particularly good time, it turned out, to have done it. Serendipity, or is there really serendipity?

The above two pics are from the "Are You a Glitz Goddess?" workshop I did last month. We had lots of fun with gold and silver pens, paints, and Angelina fibres, shown here. We used stamps with the fibres as well as embedding things within the fibres.

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