Saturday, December 2, 2006

Another picture upload attempt

Back to attempt picture uploading. This time - success. I've vacuumed, puttered, had a massage, emptied garbage, had stilton, pears and crackers from Prince Charles' "Duchy Originals" (the oat with chives is terrific with stilton and pears), and I've played in the studio.

I do things a bit at a time, which explains why nothing is ever complete. I distressed some tiny manila tags I got at Staples by rubbing distress ink all over them with part of a cut up dollar store sponge. I can't see the point in buying ultra-expensive stuff like that at specialty stores (sorry, Cathy!). I also distressed an oval box that's been kicking around for years. I'm determined to do something with it and give it away at Christmas, ideally as a container for cookies. In the same wicker basket as some of my stamp pads was an old plaster of paris strawberry that used to hang in our kitchen. It's sure not lovely, but it's a memory of the kitchen on Wales Cres. and I like it. It's broke more than once, and I've just glued it together again. If it holds, I'll find a bit of wall in the studio for it. Mom made great cookies in the kitchen with that strawberry hanging nearby - I wonder if it'll improve my baking.

I applied some Krylon gold pen (one of my very favourite things) to a dollar store hardcover book I've covered in gesso and coloured with Adirondak inks. I then stamped it with a french letter stamp, applied gel medium and smoothed down one of the pictures I pulled from the LCBO book with packing tape. More gel medium over the packing tape, and I've stamped the top of the tape with the french letter. We'll see if it dries with the words showing. If I can ever upload, I'll post a pic. It's got graph paper inside, so might be a good present for Katie to plot out her garden. Not exactly garden related, but we took our French degrees together, and the picture and letter stamp are French.

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