Thursday, December 28, 2006

A week off to play

I've taken this week off work between Christmas and New Year's Day to relax and, I hope, get my studio in order. I got a terrific 6 basket wicker storage chest for Christmas, so I have to decide what to put in it. FQs will fit perfectly in the small baskets, but do I organize them by theme/colour/another way?

I'm thinking of lining them with muslin because I moved some baskets to vacuum the carpet and found some pretty horrible marks underneath them. We'd gotten them at Canadian Tire and they're perfect for holding our huge DVD collection, but these marks are in the MIDDLE of the family room since the baskets are underneath the coffee table.

Below is a picture of my Dear Jane quilt, FINALLY together!

I also got my upcoming classes posted here on the blog, with links to the shops or guilds for whom I'm teaching. I'll keep it up to date as more classses come up. I'm doing paper as well as quilting classes, and am having a blast doing them.

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Jeanne said...

Veronica, it is simply gorgeous! Aren't you glad you decided to do the triangles?