Monday, January 1, 2007

I did these ATCs at a workshop I gave at the Ink Spot Shop in November. I'm really looking forward to the next one in January. I have lots of fun at them and I love seeing the creativity of the participants.

Another day of NOT doing anything creative. I did get some of the basement cleaned, though. It was definitely something I needed to do, and I'm pleased with the progress. I've started taking down the Christmas stuff, which I always hate doing. I like having the house crowded with beautiful, shiny things. I guess I need to start thinking about the shiny things I can put in the house for spring.
I'm looking for a cool mittens pattern - not the kind my mom used to knit with 3 inch cuffs. Maybe something to felt. I cut up 2 jackets and a skirt this week and felted them. They're just waiting for me to come up with a good idea for them. Maybe something crazy quilted and felted. Red coton perle stitches, then I can felt in some of the fibres I bought at Spun in Burlington this week. Not sure what I'll make, but I'm thinking of a journal cover, perhaps.
I found a felted mitten pattern on the website. I'm off to find some needles and wool I can felt. I'm sure I have some upstairs.

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