Saturday, January 20, 2007

Crazy Quilting Workshop

I had a great time today at the Hamilton Quilters Guild. I gave a Crazy Quilting workshop, and this is such a fun group of ladies, I knew I'd have a great time. I may have had more fun than them.
Linda had purchased two fantastic CQ blocks in Paducah and brought them along for everyone to see. I'm so glad she shared them - they're wonderful! I asked her if I could take pictures of them, and she kindly allowed me to.

Look at the satin stitch in the middle block! That was done by the quilter - it's not a pattern on the material. It's a shame that some of the silks are deteriorating, but these aren't young blocks. The card on one says 1875The class did terrific work, and everyone got their bases complete and started stitching. We didn't do many stitches - you really can't get that much done in one day - but I hope they use the tons of references out there to play with different stitch combinations. I brought some of Judith Baker Montano's books to show and recommend, along with Christine Doak's, and Carole Samples' exhaustive work on traditional stitches. All terrific works. I also suggested they check out if they're on the web. Sharon Boggon's site is absolutely one of the best! Her stitch dictionary is wonderful and an endless source of inspiration.
The class allowed me to take pictures of their work, if not of them!
I never cease to be amazed by how different the blocks turn out. Same instructions, same basic idea, but then the creativity of the artists takes over, and you get wonderfully different pieces. This is one talented group!

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