Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Here's the tree that is WAY too filled with ornaments. They have no idea just how encrusted I'd like it to be...Alex forgets I'm an embellisher. The tree's just the start.
I added some vintage ornaments from the Christie Antique Market adventure I had with Christine in the fall. I didn't take a close look at them until I was replacing the wire hangers on them with gold ribbon this month, and found that most are Polish, one is from Czechoslovakia, and one East Germany. Even saying EAST Germany gives me the chills.
This is my big wrapping day, and I have to cook Christmas dinner tonight. I'm panicked about the number of stocking stuffers I have-or don't have, so I'm sure I'll end up going out, despite my better judgement, but when have I paid attention to THAT when it comes to buying gifts?
I've made some marginal attempts to do some straightening in the studio, and will likely make real progress this week, since I've taken the week off work. I've more pictures to take of postcards, as well, so I'll post them later.

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