Sunday, December 9, 2007

I'm Free!

This is Noel; a cherished gift.
Both classes are done now, so yesterday I started a book purely for pleasure! "This is My Country, What's Yours?" by Noah Richler (yes, Mordechai's son). No textbooks for another month, and only one course at that. It's been a tough slog since my last post, but I'm ready to tackle the future.

I'll be teaching a couple of classes in the New Year at Quilter's Dream - I didn't take on much as I still have that one course to get through - and I've got lots of ideas, especially for the postcards class. I had so much fun making them on retreat that I can't wait to play with a classful of creative people!

The house is now festive; I've sprinkled Christmas all over the place. I know I've been successful, since Alex is complaining that, "you can't move anywhere in the house without getting Christmased." Ah, success! I remember when he used to love it all. I decorated our stairs the way our quilt guild president does - rather than putting garland and lights around the top (and therefore potentially killing people going down the stairs at night, I hear), I strung the garland, lights, and balls from the base of the posts. It looks lovely, I think.
I made some sourdough baguettes and lentil soup for lunch - perfect for such a miserable day. Back to my tea and my book.

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