Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Collage

I did a project from start to finish tonight - it's a Christmas miracle!
I've got a dear friend at work who leaves for a great new job at the beginning of January, so I made a collage tonight in the hope that she'll remember our fun times together. I feel pretty brave making it, as she went to an art university and has a wonderful eye for art, but it's all part of me pushing myself.

I used a prestretched canvas, covered it in mod podge and pressed down a burgundy serviette onto it. I sprayed it with some butterscotch and espresso color washes, then tore some pictures of wine and grapes, along with some altered pages I'd already done, a stamp, part of a bill from a restaurant we used to go to and an Extra Dark Lindor wrapper (we work 6 minutes from a Lindt distribution centre with a store that has wicked discounts!)

To dull it, I mixed some butterscotch wash with some medium brown paint, diluted it with some cold tea in a cup I'd not finished and painted it on. A couple of stamps, another spritz of the espresso color wash, some paper beads I'd made and copper tape along the bottom (onto which I've dabbed the rest of the glass of wine I had while creating, to see if it has a similar effect to vinegar - I doubt it, but it might dull it a tad while it dries), a small tag thanking her for the memories, and it's done. Well, it's wetter than the ocean right now, but it should be nice and dry in the morning.
If I can remember where I put the camera, I'll post a picture of it.

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