Saturday, September 6, 2008

I'd promised a finished pic of the collage I showed being made in stages in my January 3 post, Collage. It's about time I came through. I'm pleased with it.

Here are some details. I finally figured out how to take detail shots on our camera so I can get in nice and close and you can see the texture of the gel medium.

I got some great rusty texture, too, from some bits of copper I found on the garage floor.

...and just to show that I really did pay attention during Sharon Boggon's terrific Studio Journals class on, I've shown a bit of a journal I was playing with, along with a couple of canvases I painted. I actually used Setacolor fabric paint in Indigo, but I just love the transparent quality it worked. For what? I'll post when I figure that out, but I just know the colour worked.


kiwicarole said...

Hi Veronica, thanks for the email, I really like all the bits you have added, really gives it another dimension. Did you paint over the crackle paint? I can't see it. And is that tyvek you've used too?
Carole :))

V said...

Thank you very much! Yes, the crackle paint completely disappeared, and there's a thick layer of medium over all of it. Yes, that's tyvek I'd painted with some metallic paints. I was working on something last night with tyvek, too. I'll have to post it today, as it definitely needs something, or a few somethings, and suggestions will be welcome!