Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I'm very happy! The piece I submitted to the Greenwood Quiltery show (pic in my December 31st post) was accepted to the show. "Fusion", that starts March 4th! I'm really happy about it, as I've always loved the works that appear at the gallery.

I've also found a really cool website called Big Think, which is a website about ideas, dialogue and debate. Right now, there are 2,650 ideas on the site, according to the header. I think it's a site I could get lost in.

Alex got his braces off today, and his teeth look great! Almost $6,000 well spent. I have to tell myself that or I'll cry. I didn't realize he had the night off work, or I would have bought corn on the cob for him, because he loves it so much. I think I'll get some tomorrow as a treat (ha! corn as a treat!! I fugured by now an entire bar of McIntosh's Toffee would be gone, but I don't think he's had anything unusual to eat today).


Gypsy said...

When my youngest got her braces off, she had become the Guru of what to NOT eat, and very picky about keeping away from the sticky candies she loved as a child! Who knew? But yes, she loves corn, too, and dug right into the batch we had bought from a farmer friend, eating most of it, and ignoring the rest of was worth all the money we spent to see her beautiful smile shine forth, as it had when she was small, and didn't realize her teeth were so awfully crooked!

Lydia said...

Hi there. I found your blog because we both listed That Summer in Paris as a favorite book in our profiles! It's a fairly esoteric read, so I thought it was fun. Congratulations on your artful life.
As for the braces, I'm 57 and (if you can believe this) thinking about getting braces. I almost did it in 2001. The more time I waste the more ridiculous the idea seems, mainly because of the cost.

Lydia said...

Hi V,
Thanks for your fun comments at my blog. I responded more fully there, whereas I might have done so here instead. It gets rather confusing at times!

Also, I admire your blog's header. Did you design that yourself? It's perfectly suited to your content.

Finally, I wanted to tell you that we got our chocolate Standard Poodle, Bonbon, from St. Thomas, Ontario seven years ago this month! The breeder shipped her to the Portland, OR airport, where we picked up this perfect puppy at Customs.

Maggie said...

congratulations on the show. very exciting.