Thursday, January 3, 2008


I took some pics of a collage I started a couple of days ago. I frequently make bases and then let them age for awhile as the plan for them grows. OK, usually there's no plan whatsoever, I admit it. How about: until the Muse strikes? She takes her time about it, and doesn't usually strike too hard. That must be the reason I'm generally unsatisfied with my results. Maybe I need to get a new Muse. Serendipity, for instance. She seemed fun. (If you didn't see Dogma, that just fell flat).
On to the Collage: I started with a 4 x 6 inch board I'd painted blue. I then decided I didn't like the blue just then, and wanted a greener colour. I didn't paint too heavily, so some of the blue would show through.

I then found out that crackle medium doesn't work too well on primed board and thin coats of paint.

After that, I gave it a spritz of Espresso Adirondak Ink to see what that would do.
I liked it, so I let it dry. Then, I applied Mod Podge very thickly. I've got to work on the order of things. If I'd applied it lightly, I would have smeared the Adirondak Ink. Maybe a spray medium in those cases first to hold the ink. Oh - important tip - don't knock over the Mod Podge container. That's where that thick coat came from. All over the darned thing!

I'd finally bought some Walnut Ink (why? because every time I read an article about ageing, it's there. Do I know how to deal with it yet? Heck, no! That can come later) so I used the dropper it came with to put dots of the ink onto the drying medium. I also found a bit of copper wire I pressed into a particularly thick glob of it, and did the same with some paper scraps sitting on the table.

My camera batteries are recharging, so you'll have to come back to see a picture of the dry collage base- shameless, I know.
Now, back to that CQ I was doing a couple of posts ago. I'm on to beads and buttons.


freebird said...

It's nice to hear that someone besides myself sometimes finds themselves with a product they aren't quite sure how to use. I always wonder how everyone learns all this stuff! One thing for sure, you won't end up with another background quite like this unless you plan on making a style out of spilling modpodge. Don't you find that it stays a bit tacky? Not your background! The modpodge.

cassandra russell said...

I found your blog through yummy mummy and immediately clicked on it! Fibre arts have always interested me! Cheers, Cassandra Russell

kiwicarole said...

Hi, thanks for dropping in on my blog! Hey - I can't wait to see where this is going, it looks very interesting!