Wednesday, May 30, 2007


No pics to post today - I've been reading like a fiend lately. I'm trying to get through my massive stacks of New Yorker magazines, mostly. I love the mag, but I need to get a job that requires me to take the GO Train if I want to get through them all. Not a terrific idea to read and drive on the 407 at the same time.
I've got Jennifer Chiaverini's latest book, but it can wait a bit since it's not from the library. I found a neat book on the Norman conquest and the making and meaning of the Bayeux Tapestry I'm going through now. It's called A Needle in the Right Hand of God. More as I get into it.
I also got out a Mitford Bedside Companion, which is exactly what I'm using it for. Nice stories before going to sleep, which I really should get to.
I'm trying desperately to interest Alex in French grammar so he can make it through final exams, but I'm not having much luck. Not surprising; I have a degree in the language and grammar wasn't exactly my passion, either. He's stuck with it if he wants to graduate high school with the French Immersion certificate, however, so I'll keep at him.

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