Sunday, March 18, 2007

Pre-cruise activity

I've finally got a few more things to post. I've been mired in accounting homework, as I'm taking a course toward my HR designation (how much sense does that make, hmmm?) and I needed to get a major assignment completed before Friday. It's done now, and I can play a bit until Friday. We leave for the Quilter's Dream Cruise III EARLY Saturday morning. I've got my class notes all done up, and just need to pack some goodies to play with. Carol's got the kits in hand.

Here is my first beeswax ATC, done using a picture of my mom (on the left) with her friend, Jennie Bingler, in the early 30s. She looks to be about 5, so that would be 1935. I remember the wonderful noodles I saw Jennie's mom make using a paring knife. They were the size of Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup noodles and she cut them up so incredibly quickly! It's really my only memory of Mrs. Bingler, though I'm sure we were at her house often, as she was such a close friend of my grandmother's.

I also worked on some CQ postcards to swap
(also by the end of the week!) for a group swap. I've got some befores (ok, so as of now they're still "befores", a during, and one solitary "after". Good thing it's a small swap!

The ATCs below are for an April Fool swap with the Fibre Art Traders group. This will be my first swap with them, and I'm not sure I've got it right. You can't really see the faces of the ladies I've stamped onto the cards, but they're elegant ladies wearing very foolish hats that I felted onto the cards, and added beads, to make them even more foolish. We'll see if they kick me out of the online group for bad cards!

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