Wednesday, February 21, 2007

More Pretty Little Things

I've ordered copper tape from a supplier I found in Milton called Insurge- really nice guy on the phone, and he's cutting 3 widths for me - 1/4 inch, 1/2 inch and 1 inch. I have my soldering iron and have silver solder now, along with flux. The electronic techs at work think I'm a madwoman, but were very helpful sending me to suppliers. I found the tape on my own, though.

I've also joined my first ATC swap with the Fibre Art Traders group. It's an April Fool swap, so should be fun to do. It's a very talented group -Normajean Brevik, who leads the group, was featured in the last issue of Quilting Arts. Good company to keep - such terrific ideas every time I read the posts from the group. I'm learning lots and am so impressed by the creativity.
Above are a couple of fairly awful pictures of some ATCs I did. I had lots of fun with a soldering iron, dyes, and lots of glitzy materials at a retreat putting these together. The other quilters really wondered about me when I stepped away from my machine, grabbed an extension cord and took a soldering iron outside onto the concrete. All the ATCs on the left page and some on the right were from the one experiment, all cut up. I sent one a couple of weeks ago in a trade with a very nice lady from France. Her card has beautiful flowers on it and I'm thinking of spring now. Anyone interested in a trade, please let me know!
The Hamilton Quilters Guild rescheduled my Dear Jane talk for May (9th, I think), so there's little chance the meeting will be cancelled again on account of a snowstorm. I'm looking forward to it, because it's such a great group of quilters.

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