Thursday, December 1, 2011

More projects moving along

 Citrus (the colours have dictated what I've been calling it) is now hanging up in my office at work.  It's a nice, bright contrast to the dreary days to come and takes the place of a lovely watercolour of a stone farmhouse in winter.  Just the sort of house I'd love to live in, but as I'll be seeing more than enough snow up close and personal, I could use some contrast.

It's quite different from other things I've made and I didn't even mind all the fussing with the binding.

I'd mentioned the Through the Trees quilt from Kate Conklin.  Here are the blocks in the process of being all sewn up.  They are in a pile now, all sewn, just waiting to become a quilt.


 ...and the latest new thing.  Still just material, fresh out of the package from Flare Fabrics, but oh, so pretty and graphic and interesting.    It came so quickly (free shipping in Canada!) and they responded to a couple of special requests I made, so I'm a very happy customer.  

I know, I can't take a rotary cutter to them until a) Through the Trees is a quilt and b)I've finished ANOTHER UFO.  And maybe um...put a label of some sort on Citrus.  I should be writing this in a very small font as I know I'm going to hear about it when a certain someone reads this.  And rightly so.  I'm not great about labels. 


quilton said...

Oh, I love the fabs. from Flare. Gorgeous. Plans are....?
I do love that quilt you did in your workshop. The design is unique and I seriously hope that you are planning on putting it in the quilt show.
Course it will need a label.........hehehehehehe

Kate said...

Saw your post at quilt club of america and thought I would say HI!. I do traditional piecing but I'm into designing baby quilts right now. I have one of a barn with 4 animals in it at the web site. I love to be creative and need to step out of the box some times.

Veronica Martin said...

Well, how do you like that? I'm sure replied, quilton, but my posts don't even seem to appear in my own blog!
I think the Flare fabrics might end up being a quilt for my son, if he approves them.
I promise to put Citrus in the show and I'll have a label on it by then...honest.

Hi Kate! Thank you for popping in. I'd love to hear how your projects are doing, so come back!