Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Projects all over the house

It only took - what  - 3 years? but the little Christmas throw I started at a retreat is complete and keeping me warm as I type.  I love the fabrics;  wintery but not Christmas-cute, which isn't me.  I'm nothing if not NOT cute.  I'd done another one of these throws in mustard and a muted red Jane Austen fabrics and have it ready to warm guests.  I'll post a pic of it another time. 

The pillows were also done a few years ago and I bring them out every Christmas.  I just pop them over pillows already on the couches after a pressing. The Noel pillow pattern was taken from the pattern series called Christmas Memories, possibly by Blackbird Designs.  I know there were 4 small booklets of 3-4 patterns each, and all together you would be able to make a lovely quilt pattern, but I think the store I bought them from only had 2 or 3 of the 4, but I had to have them.  Such a shame I stumbled on them too late, but I love what I did with the patterns I had.

The Tree of Life mantle scarf is also an older project- you can probably tell by the fabric lines.  Robyn Pandolph fabrics, I think.  Such lovely fabrics.  For someone who hates precision piecing (because I'm lousy at points), I have to say I'm pleased with the way this turned out.  While I'm being pleased with myself, I attached all those slate tiles to the wall after "the crash".  Seriously - there were ugly 1/4 inch bricks attached to the wall that ....just....fell off one day.  So, rather than reglue the ugliness, I too the opportunity to modernize.  The whole house can fall down now and I guarantee the only thing standing together will be these tiles - there's that much glue on them.

Last but not least, a cross stitch I did over a decade ago from a project taken from a cross stitch magazine.  Shortly after completing this, I got the crazy idea that a Lavender and Lace Celtic Christmasr design would be a great idea.  The beautiful lady in the red dress lies wound on her stretcher frame, possibly for all time, only barely started.  I did do some of the little angel ornaments, so figured a big project would be possible. Clearly, I was fooling myself.  Please don't tell my friend Ray, from work, about my abysmal photography skills.  He'd cry.  He's an incredibly talented photographer.

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quilton said...

My favourite time of the year. I get all my Christmas projects out and put them all over the place. Great memories involved with them.
I wonder if there is a label on that quilt? No, no, just wondering, girl...............