Saturday, October 6, 2007

Saturday at last

I lost a very long post, and now am ticked.
Hitting save didn't seem to work, and the claims that Blogger save drafts automatically just doesn't seem to be entirely accurate...I waxed poetic about this morning's thunderstorm, which seems to be more or less over. It was rain that was sorely needed here.

I've updated my classes, as I've firmed up a lecture and class with the Niagara Heritage Quilters' Guild for March. I didn't propose any classes to shops this season, as I knew I'd be too busy with the 2 night classes I'm taking. I'm very glad I backed off teaching a bit, but I really do miss it. I just love the interaction with participants, and I especially love what I learn from them! Perhaps in the spring I can get back to it in earnest.

I've added slideshows from Karen Harrison's and Susan Kraftcheck's webshots albums of the Rankin Quilt Show, organized by Val Champ to raise funds for their community Centre. I had Pomegranates and Lemons, along with Jane Asea in the show. I get to see Val on Friday as she drives to Shipshewana for a retreat with other Janiacs next weekend. Since my office is a stone's throw from the 401, I've enticed her with a Starbuck's visit and she'll return my quilts then. I was sad I wasn't able to get up to the show, but see the paragraph above for the reason...

I ordered some lovely fabrics from Hancock's of Paducah, and they arrived yesterday! They included a catalogue, which is much harder to ignore than web pages. With the Canadian dollar even higher than the USD right now, it's definitely a good deal. I did check around the LQSs I love before ordering the fabric I was looking for. I support my LQSs like I do any good candy store, but I admit I am very pleased with the quality, speed and prices at Hancock's.

Off to Chapters now, to see if the latest Quilter's Home is in. It's a great READ, which is why I buy it. I love Mark, and his magazine is a reflection of his humour.

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