Sunday, October 7, 2007

I bought MORE books!

You just wouldn't think it's possible for me to want to buy more books. My catalogue on Librarything right now stands at 318 books, and I'm nowhere near done cataloguing. So... what did I do yesterday? Found a $30 gift certificate from Chapters, and headed out to buy yet more books. To be fair, I spent most of it in the cheaper section, but I did get a cool book on felting called, not surprisingly, Felt It! by Maggie Pace of Pick Up Sticks. There's a cool little backpack I want to make, because sometimes I just don't want to carry around a purse. Plus - since I now have the embellishing machine, I want to use it on something I've made myself. I'm going to make an effort to talk more about new books/sites/blogs/techniques I come across, because there's a HUGE amount of great information on fibrearts out there!
I don't think I posted this picture of a coffee cozy I made for one of the co-op students at work. She's such a sweet girl, and is a Barrista at Starbuck's. She's shared with me some of the coffee she gets, and Starbuck's gets their money's worth from it - believe me!

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