Sunday, April 8, 2007

Back from the cruise

We made it back late last Sunday from the Quilter's Dream Cruise, which was a blast. I had lots of great comments about the Crazy Quilt project I taught, and I just LOVE it when I see completely, utterly different works emerge from a class. The ladies have so much talent, but give themselves so very little credit for it all, it's a real pleasure when they're encouraged to just go for it and create.
Kari looks terrific with her new hairstyle...I'm sure her children will be surprised when she sees them!

I've warned them that pics would be posted to my blog! It was worth it to see Sylvia smiling in this picture. She'd never done any CQ before, but did some lovely stitching. Speaking of lovely stitching, Pat (beside Sylvia, who's smiling) does the most beautiful, delicate stitching I've seen. She's the Queen of the Bullion Knot, no question about it. Debbie and Marsha (beside Pat) also did lovely work, and each project looked different and individual.
How could I not include this picture of a sloth baby we met at a wonderful sloth sanctuary run by a marvelous couple in Costa Rica. The work they're doing is terrific. Here is their site, and a YouTube video of babies taken at their place.
My luggage finally arrived this week, along with all my CQ stuff - I would have NOT been happy had American managed to lose that stuff. As it was, I ended up with my luggage tags torn off my suitcase and thrown inside mine, along with 2 of our other bags', and the luggage tags of 2 other separate travellers whom I've never heard of. I hope that nothing interesting got added into their luggage. I had 3 different TSA pamphlets put in my case, too, so lots of people got to see the lovely Panamanian molas I purchased.

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