Sunday, July 29, 2007

My Studio

I've had a productive weekend for a change - I made the mistake of having coffee with a friend after work Friday night, which left me wide awake until about 1:30. I worked on some altered books, fibre postcards and made paper beads while watching an episode of Poirot on YouTube.

Mark Lipinksi inspired me to take pictures of my studio (sounds awfully fancy, doesn't it?). Until I saw it through a lens, I had no idea it was in such awful shape...ok, maybe I did. Since confession is good for the soul (though I'm an Anglican), here goes:

Wow, I really have alot of stuff!

You can see my Dear Jane quilt sitting out just waiting for more hand quilting to be added in. I've got to get cracking on that!
The one thing I need more of is light. A couple of good lights in the ceiling would be terrific.

I bought basic IKEA shelving (the kind for the garage) and painted each piece a different colour - blue, green, pink, yellow. I'd like to get even more of it and cover the wall with the armoire - which I got from a friend years ago. Also good storage, but the deeper shelves would make things look neater. Yup, that's why the room's a mess. Not enough IKEA shelving. That's it!

I love this storage closet.
I made a couple more coffee cozys recently - one for a wonderful co op student at work who is also a part time Barista at a Starbuck's. She kindly brought me in some coffee to try for the second time! A whole pound, I mean! That deserves a wardrobe of coffee cozys, I think.

I made some Inchies recently and had fun with the background. I used a bleach pen and a harlequin stamp to create the pattern on this already cool looking fabric. I did a bunch of stitching in swirls using variegated thread, then cut them apart and kept embellishing. Lots of fun. I should go assemble a CQ background, as there's a two hour Miss Marple coming on - great stitching opportunity.

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Jeanne said...

Veronica, now I feel like my room is almost normal. VBG Thanks for sharing your sewing studio.